Modern occupational health care

We help employers to plan and arrange occupational health care coverage for their employees. Our way of working is analyzing health questionnaires and physical tests and then coaching towards individually set goals.
This creates increased productivity, improved well-being at work, reduced ill health and less sick leave.

An investment for the company.

Why choose Fysiotest’s occupational health care?

We help our customers in the following areas:

Employee surveys

Base your work on qualitative data

Modern occupational health care

Prevention through a proactive strategy

Lifestyle coaching

Get help creating sustainable change - and results

Employer branding

Build a strong employer image

Covid-19 testing

Tests for identification of current and past infections as well as travel certificates

Productivity and commitment

Take care of the company's most important resource, the employees


Approved provider of rehabilitation support

You as an employer can receive an government-sponsored allowance to employ us as expert support to investigate, plan, initiate, implement and follow up workplace-oriented measures.


You get reimbursed half of the cost – capped at a maximum of SEK 10,000 per employee per year, and a maximum of SEK 200,000 per year in total. The allowance goes directly to you as an employer.

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Covid tests in the workplace

Fysiotest provides everyone the opportunity to perform corona tests for ongoing infection, antibodies and risk group analysis.

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Covid test with travel certificate

Many countries require the entrants to be tested negative for covid-19 and to present a medical certificate. Fysiotest gives everyone the opportunity to perform Covid tests for ongoing infection, antibodies and risk group analysis.

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