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Health initiatives at companies can easily end up as separate activities, often without follow-up or evaluation.


To succeed with a health strategy that is both long-term and sustainable, a plan is needed for both implementation, follow-up and which is in line with the needs of the company and the employees.


So, how can one create a health strategy that works?

1. Clear vision and goals

A successful health promotion strategy begins with a commitment from the company’s leaders and to succeed over time, support from all levels of the organization is needed.

Together, we define what your goal with a health strategy is and what you want to follow.


Regular evaluation of the health strategy is a critical point for long-term success.


To help you “start with the end first”, we offer a workshop for decision makers where we help you create your health strategy.

2. Properly tailored communication of the strategy

An important factor in succeeding with your health strategy is to convey this in a way that makes each employee understand the purpose of the strategy, how the process works, what values it creates for the employee and how one can participate.


This important information may help you to avoid the main pitfalls such as low interest, low commitment, and suspicion towards the purpose of the strategy.


Our team helps you with implementation, digitally or in person, and assists with support for administration and scheduling for implementation and follow-up.

3. Clear roles and responsibilities

To succeed in implementing a health strategy, requires commitment and participation of everyone in the company, from management to employees.


By creating participation, we create a sense of meaning, which drives the whole process forward.


The key result-driving factor is that all employees should feel part of the strategy, understand how it works and how everyone benefits from it, while an adjustment as needed should be made.


As a partner, we help and support you all the way.

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By measuring and evaluating the company’s health status, each effort and its effect becomes very clear, and at the same time the strategy becomes cost-effective. A report on the company’s health status helps to measure the key figures that are valuable in order to be able to support employees based on need.


Using our digital platform, you as a company always have access to your health data, trend analyzes and our advice and each of your employees have access to theirs.


At the same time, company management can see the connection between investments in health and the financial results.


All data management complies with GDPR legislation.

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