Sustainable & superior
health and performance

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Every day our body works to protect and support us, but in order for the body to be able to do its job, we must take care of it.


In the online course “Sustainable & superior health and performance”, you will gain an increased understanding of how we through our choices can affect our health and performance in a sustainable way. Through increased awareness, you can make better decisions that lead to better results.


Are you ready to take the next step for your health and performance?


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  • How do you lead yourself to success?
  • Which foods can support your immune system?
  • How can you balance your training to actually get the results you want?
  • What role do sleep and recovery play in your well-being?

In this online course, we will guide you in four areas that all affect your health and performance. We focus on the foundations that make up your body. In the course, we also have a whole section on self-leadership and the art of leading oneself.

What does the course contain?

The content is based on research and Fysiotest’s long experience in coaching and will help you increase your awareness of the factors that play a role in your health and performance. With our digital platform we will help you with your priorities and focus areas to succeed with your specific goal.


The course consists of four digital lectures. Each lecture addresses, in an inspiring and pedagogical way, a new theme in the field.


In addition to digital lectures, you also have access to a unique digital workbook with exercises and reflection questions – all to help you get to the next level.


The course is available for six months from the start of the course.


In the course you will learn more about:

  1. Self-leadership – The art of leading oneself
  2. Diet – Food for a stronger health and an improved immune system
  3. Exercise – How physical activity affects our health and performance
  4. Recovery – Sleep and recovery that strengthens you from the inside out

    An online course in health and performance containing four 15-20 minute lectures and a specially designed digital workbook.


    Knowledge in crucial health areas, concrete tips and tools for how you can influence and change your behaviors to feel and perform better.


    For you who want to create more sustainable patterns of behavior while learning more about health and performance and how activity affects them.