Certified test leader

People's behaviour around health has changed a lot in recent years, with more people wanting to measure their progress to get the best results. Are you looking for more and better tools to work successfully with your clients and want to develop in your professional role? We are pleased to offer the opportunity as a certified test leader to achieve just that.

Fysiotest is looking for test leaders in the Nordic countries

Fysiotest's evidence-based test manager training is combined online and hands-on training for those who want to expand their business with professional health and performance testing. The aim is to provide you with increased knowledge and many new tools that you can immediately apply in your current or future role.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to become a certified test manager and be part of our corporate team that manages thousands of health tests in Nordic companies every year.

With our online course, you can study wherever you want, whenever you want. All you need is a connection and access to a computer, smartphone or other portable device.

Fysiotest product features

The course is aimed at those who:

  • Are an experienced trainer and/or nutritionist and want to gain more tools to help your clients develop
  • Is a new trainer who wants to get a better understanding of health and performance testing
  • Have a university degree in nutritional and/or exercise physiology or equivalent
  • Are an experienced exerciser and want to start working in the fitness industry
  • Are interested in working with companies to promote health

You'll learn:

  • How to use testing to analyse your client's health and provide appropriate advice
  • How to perform and interpret capillary blood tests
  • How to ensure your client's freedom from harm
  • How stress-related illness affects our physical and mental capacity
  • How to measure sleep and how to coach someone with sleep disorders
  • More about testing for nutrition advice and lifestyle change
  • How to use coaching to help clients achieve results
  • More about basic self-leadership



A total of aprox. 150 hours
Online: aprox. 100 hours
Internship: aprox. 50 hours inkl. 2 days pracitcal tests in Båstad and one day
New dates for practical implementation are published regularly.


Introduction to Fysiotest
Coaching & Leadership
Testing & Diagnostics
Data management in physiological testing
Counseling and client cases

  • The education includes a knowledge test at the end of each chapter.
  • You have access to the course for twelve months from the start of the course.


In Båstad during January and August every year.


In Båstad during February and September every year.


Specialists in their fields
Our own test managers with long experience
Partners from sport and healthcare


25 990 kr including VAT
(20 792 kr ex. VAT)

We also have the possibility to offer partial payment.
Please contact us below and we will help you with interest-free financing.


Education in physical activity/training/recovery and/or
Education in nutritional science and/or
Education in coaching/psychology/KBT or similar

For individuals or companies who want to gain the knowledge on how to take their physical fitness and health services to a new professional level.

Suitable for those who work as: nutrition counsellors, personal trainers, fitness trainers, instructors, health inspectors etc.

More about the education

Fysiotest is one of the Nordic countries' leading providers of preventive health testing and lifestyle coaching in the B2B market. Our coaches and test leaders help thousands of people a year to reach their individual goals. Lifestyle affects many different diseases despite genetic variations. Fysiotest's testing and coaching focuses on long-term health by examining the underlying causes to positively impact the client's physical, mental and social health.

We believe that no one - really - wants to be a healthcare client. Our ambition is therefore to help our clients with knowledge of sustainable health, performance and productivity at both an organisational and individual level. Through our corporate service (Health Management Solutions, HMS) we help companies and their employees to achieve sustainable performance improvement through a healthy lifestyle.

For our clients, Fysiotest is a strategic partner that makes a difference to every company and individual through expertise and precision.

For us, "IMPROVED WELL-BEING, IMPROVED PERFORMANCE" is our driving force to make a difference to every individual we meet.

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