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We are currently looking for the following skills:
Fysiotest and CHAMPION HEALTH are looking for a SALES DIRECTOR
Lifestyle Coaches

Culture is our personality.


We have the skills and capabilities to create solutions for the future. We believe in close partnerships that help us develop our offering to create value for those who work with us. We always look ahead and challenge ourselves to think in new ways.


We are a reliable partner that keeps its promises. We are honest, responsible and have an open and close dialogue with our customers to ensure we deliver what is expected of us. We know that our mission is both to support the company to achieve higher efficiency through healthier employees and to support the individual. Therefore, it is important that each coach is competent and feels safe and confident in their profession.


We set clear goals for every action we take. We inspire the people we meet so that they are motivated to make changes that lead to improved health, performance and quality of life. We always start from each person's individual circumstances and have great respect for the fact that goals differ from person to person.


We are good at what we do. We are curious about the world around us and always want to learn more so that we evolve with the market we are in. Because we know that excellence is based on knowledge and continuous development. Something we combine with a strong customer focus. It's our way of ensuring that we create solutions that deliver real benefits - today and tomorrow.

World-leading knowledge, communication and customer care with a focus on curiosity, collaboration and proximity.

To help people experience quality of life and live their lives healthier and longer through preventive health interventions.

An innovative partner. Fysiotest should be the natural choice for organisations, companies and individuals who want to achieve better health and performance. Through accurate diagnosis and effective advice, we make a difference to those who engage us.

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