Forever Young

Healthy aging comes from within.

Take control of your future health.

Increase your quality of life and your healthy years! Aging is inevitable, but you have the power in your own hands how your body feels inside. Today's research offers hope for all of us who want to sport in the 60+ classes. Genetics is no longer the determining factor scientists thought it was when the human genome was published some 20 years ago. It turns out that your lifestyle matters more than many thought. Take your health into your own hands and let's live healthier longer!

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The answers are in your blood

How does it work?

As always, the journey begins with finding out your current situation. We use Online Health Check questionnaire and the Livit by Nightingale Health blood test that provide a comprehensive picture of how your heart, mind, immune system and metabolism are feeling and functioning.

Invaluable information that will help you make changes to increase your chances of more healthy years.


The blood analysis is done with a unique technology from a few drops of blood. With more data, we can better capture the underlying biology of common lifestyle diseases.
Blood Test Contributors are used to calculate your health results. The Blood Test Contributors are Cholesterol Balance, Fatty Acid Balance, Dietary Fatty Acids, Low-grade Inflammation and Metabolic Efficiency.The markers are grouped together based on Health, Metabolism, Mind and Immune. The results are based on research, hundreds of thousands of blood samples, hundreds of publications.  
Your results will be added to your account in the Livit By Nightingale Health app.

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Reach your goal with our coaching. The package includes, in addition to the test itself, a conversation with one of Fysiotest's experienced coaches where we, based on your test results and your goals, delve into how you can create sustainable habits in your everyday life that lead to increased well-being and more healthy years.

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